Jungkook’s BFFs, BTS’s Members, Celebrate His 24th Birthday 

Happy Birthday, JK!

At the stroke of midnight, BTS‘s Jungkook turned 24, now his friends and fans are celebrating his special day.

Jungkook | V LIVE

Every year, Jin makes it his mission to be the first one to wish his members Happy Birthday. He succeeded in being the first to send birthday wishes to SugaJ-Hope, and now Jungkook on Weverse.

Why must Jin be first? He’s competitive AF. Plus, Jin loves his members and wants them to know it — immediately, if not sooner. While Jungkook was on Weverse, inviting fans to write lyrics for him, Jin was commenting on the ad for this week’s Run BTS! episode. 

Celebrate Jungkook’s birthday!

— Jin

Suga was the second member to celebrate. At five minutes to midnight, Suga tweeted this birthday greeting to celebrate Jungkook turning 25 (Korean age). Where has the time gone?

15-year-old Jungkook is now 25-year-old Jungkook. Happy Birthday JK~ #happybirthdayjungkook #itssugahyung #youreanadultnow #whatistime

— Suga

J-Hope was the third member to wish Jungkook Happy Birthday this year. He crashed Jungkook’s live broadcast at midnight to sing bring cake and chaotic energy.

Jungkook and J-Hope | V LIVE

Jungkook had already prepared his own cake, not realizing J-Hope would be bringing him a surprise one. (It’s a good thing the Golden Maknae likes to eat!)

RM also wished Jungkook a Happy Birthday on Twitter.  He wrote, “#KookieHBD,” signed from, “the principal.” During his live broadcast, Jungkook said that RM sounds like a school principal when he gives ending speeches at BTS’s concerts.

More birthday wishes are still to come! For more, find out what went down during Jungkook’s solo concert — er, broadcast.

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