BTS’s J-Hope Surprised Jungkook On His Birthday Broadcast, And Things Became Chaotic

ARMYs were even treated to a spoiler!

September 1 is an important day in K-Pop because it marks the birthday of BTS‘s youngest member Jungkook, and it is a special occasion for ARMYs worldwide.

BTS’s Jungkook | HYBE

Yet, even though it is his birthday, Jungkook had a special treat for ARMYs as he went live shortly before the clock struck 12, treating fans to mini-concerts, making songs with ARMYs comments, and much more.

As ARMYs continued to enjoy Jungkook’s special broadcast, when the clock struck 12 am (KST), there was a knock and the door. To the surprise of both fans and Jungkook, fellow member J-Hope came through the door and started singing “Happy Birthday” with a joyous smile that was enough to melt even the coldest of hearts.

After wishing Jungkook a happy birthday, J-Hope then left, claiming that he had forgotten his phone. A little while later, he returned as happy as ever with a cake for the group’s maknae!

If the cake wasn’t enough of a gift, J-Hope even had a special present for ARMYs before he left Jungkook to continue his broadcast.

As J-Hope made his way out of the room, he started dancing, and Jungkook exclaimed, “You can’t spoil it here! You’re gonna spoil it here? You can’t!” 

As expected, fans couldn’t help but speculate that J-Hope was giving spoilers about a comeback that might happen in the future and that other members have hinted at!

As expected, J-Hope managed to put a huge smile on everyone’s face, and Jungkook seemed over the moon seeing his member bring so much joy on his special day. After the special treat, Jungkook had a bright smile on his face and continued to treat ARMYs on his special day.


Source: VLIVE