BTS’s Jungkook Said, “Exercise!”, ARMY Said, “We Don’t Do That Here”

Jungkook is encouraging fans to get into shape, and they’ll do it…tomorrow.

On May 7, Jungkook posted a new boxing workout video as part of BTS‘s Twitter project, #BTS_OF_THE_DAY. In the caption, he wrote, “Exercising hard! Our ARMY should exercise and look after their health!” 

What do you mean “exercise”? Like, turn off my K-Drama marathon and get off the couch? Pick heavy stuff up and put it back down? Raise my heart rate above resting level? Why? Some ARMYs are jumping at the chance to answer Jungkook’s call. Others, not so much!

1. Deaf to doctors

2. Bold of him to assume…

3. Sorting out your priorities

4. The real quarantine workout regime

5. All of us

6. Fact: This will not help you get in shape

7. Again, this will not help you

8. I’ll start working out…tomorrow?

9. We don’t do that here

10. I’m going to pretend I didn’t hear that

11. Listen to the man!

12. Um. No.

13. But food exists!

14. Speaking of food, this tastes terrible

15. And the gym award for “Most Improved” goes to…