Jungkook And His Brother Share Fun Photos From A Jeon Family Outing

Photography skills run in this family.

BTS‘s Jungkook and his brother, Jeon Hasa, have shared photos from their recent trip to Jeju Island.


On January 4, Jungkook posted an update on BTS’s personal Twitter account that included the hashtag “Udo” and several idyllic photos. Udo, which literally means “Cow Island”, is one of the most visited spots in Jeju.


Jungkook photographed this gorgeous, blue coastal view…


…and captured these appealing, contrasting colors on the shore.


He also posted some funny photos…


…that show just how much fun everyone was having!


Jeon Hasa also uploaded his own aesthetically pleasing shots, to Instagram.


This photo suggests that the Jeon brothers had a blast ATVing around the island.


Jeon Hasa also included this snap of his famous brother taking his own photographs.


Judging by these beautiful shots, it’s safe to say that photography skills run in the Jeon family!