BTS’s Jungkook Held A Surprise Busking Session In Public For Lucky Fans

BTS’s Jungkook surprised his lucky fans by holding an impromptu busking session while visiting Malta for their reality program.

A video surfaced on Twitter where a man dressed in all black began busking in public, and BTS fans reported that the man is indeed BTS‘s Jungkook!


Jungkook apparently surprised his fans by singing his rendition of “Lost Stars” from the soundtrack of “Begin Again”.


He stood in front of a small food cart as he serenaded his lucky fans in the middle of the night!


Fans became more certain that it was Jungkook as photos of him filming a reality show in Malta matched the outfit he was wearing during the busking.


BTS is currently roaming around in Europe filming their latest reality program as they also prepare for a comeback in August!