ARMYs Are Strongly Disagreeing With BTS’s Jungkook In His Latest Video


Earlier in the year, BTS‘s Jungkook sent the internet into meltdown after he was announced as the newest Calvin Klein ambassador and came out with this iconic photoshoot…

A new video was recently released showcasing the behind-the-scenes footage from the Calvin Klein photoshoot. As expected, Jungkook continued to wow fans with his unreal visuals and seeing the process that went into it showcases the idol’s professionalism.


Of course, the video also showcased Jungkook while he was filming his shirtless scenes… the ones that sent the internet into meltdown.



After the photoshoot, Jungkook shared his thoughts on the shoot, acknowledging that it was something different for him, but as he gets older, it’s something he will be doing more!


While Jungkook should take comfort in knowing that ARMYs were obsessed with the photoshoot, his next comments didn’t receive the same reaction. In fact, netizens couldn’t have disagreed more when Jungkook explained that while trying to get his body ready, he was not entirely satisfied.

In particular, the idol explained that he wished he had done more ahead of the shoot, adding, “How nice would it have been if I had just a little less body fat.”

When the video came out, it wasn’t surprising that ARMYs quickly came to refute Jungkook’s claims, praising the idol for his physique.

While idols always strive for perfection, even if they’ve achieved it in the eyes of the fans, it’s not surprising that ARMYs are hitting back at the statement. Jungkook was in perfect condition for the photoshoot and the results were truly legendary.