BTS’s Jungkook Does A Parody Of A Move Done By A Previous Guest On “You Quiz On The Block”

Jungkook knows ARMY best!

In the recent teaser for BTS’s special 100-minute episode on tvN’s You Quiz On The Block, fans were fed with the members’ visuals, including Jin’s grand entrance through the front door.

But towards the end of the teaser, Jungkook walk towards the camera while shaking his finger.

Fans that saw this believe that he was giving an ode to a previous guest on the show who happened to be an ARMY!

| tvN

Turns out she was the high-schooler that danced to “MIC Drop” in the video that went viral on YouTube back in 2018!

| 김회장과 권달/YouTube

This student, Kim Jung Hyun, made an appearance on the show last year and danced to “Dynamite”, which also gained much attention online.

Seeing that her moves were similar to Jungkook’s ending pose in the teaser, proved that Jungkook had most likely seen the previous episode and parodying the ARMYs dance moves!

Netizens that watched this praised Jungkook for monitoring the previous shows.

  • “Jungkook has a knack for catching on to things like this!”
  • “I’m curious as to what Jungkook’s YouTube algorithm is after seeing this!”
  • “Ah no wonder RM started following him in the back!”
  • “That ARMY is so lucky to have Jungkook follow her dance move!”
  • “I can’t wait to see this episode next week!”

Stay tuned for the special episode next week on March 24!

Source: theqoo


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