BTS Jungkook’s Delete Game Was Strong, But ARMY Was Stronger

He deleted his post at the speed of light.

If anybody’s wishing for a Twitter edit button in 2020, it might be Jungkook!

No matter how much they try (or don’t try at all) BTS just can’t break up with their true love, iPhone. As brand ambassadors, the members are supposed to promote Samsung products, but Twitter reveals where their loyalties really lie.

On July 28, Jungkook tweeted a short cover of “10,000 Hours” by Dan+Shay and Justin Bieber…from his iPhone. Oops!

He deleted the cover shortly after uploading it…

| Big Hit Entertainment/Vlive

…but not before thousands of fans caught him “cheating” on Samsung, much like J-Hope did with his “Spring Day” TikTok.

| Big Hit Entertainment/Vlive

Thanks to fans, “HE DELETED IT”, “Twitter for iPhone”, and other related hashtags were soon trending…

…and their memes perfectly illustrate what might have happened behind the scenes.

Knowing that the cover might get deleted, ARMYs downloaded it and reposted it for their fellow fans to hear.

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