Korean Netizens React To Dispatch’s Report On BTS Jungkook’s Plagiarism Accusation

“I guess he wanted to be famous?”

Korean netizens reacted to Dispatch‘s article on BTS Jungkook‘s plagiarism allegations.


On August 24, Dispatch released an article in which they provided musical evidence seemingly clearing Jungkook’s “Seven” from plagiarism accusations.

Music sheet for “Time of Mask” (top) and “Seven” (bottom)

It can be seen that the beginning notes of the melody are the same, but there are still differences between the overall notes sung between the two songs. Yang Joon Young’s claim that the two notes are the same has not been proved correct.

— Dispatch

Previously, a producer claimed Jungkook’s “Seven” and his produced Fin.K.L’s “Time of Mask” had identical scale progressions.

The key of the songs might be different, but the four-bar scale system between the two songs are the same.

— Yang Joon Young

Korean netizens reacted to Dispatch’s report, with many stating that they weren’t surprised with the findings as many had questioned the allegation’s legitimacy.

  • “There are no similar melodies, LOL…”
  • “I wish HYBE would sue him back.”
  • “I guess he wanted to be famous?”
  • “Did he want people to know his name that bad?”
  • “What a sad, sad old man.”
  • “Even I can tell the songs aren’t similar.”
  • “Usually, when there is a plagiarism controversy, the songs sound similar, but in this case, even I can tell it’s different.”

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Source: theqoo