BTS’s Jungkook Looking Distressed In This Hat Has ARMYs Discussing If It Was Appropriate

Did the fans go over the line?

During a fan meeting on April 27, 2019, BTS‘s Jungkook received an abundance of hats, headbands, and hair pins to rock throughout the event.


While this is not unusual for Jungkook, whose fans love to see him in cute bunny ears and other fluffy goodness, and while he mostly handles all the requests with such grace and style, he did look a bit stressed when he was given this “infant” hat to wear – and it now got ARMYs discussing whether it was over the line.


As soon as he put the hat, which looks close to what newborn babies wear, Jungkook is instantly hit with a wave of regrets. He facepalms himself in the realization that he is, in fact, a grown man wearing a baby’s hat.


Jungkook remained a good sport about the hat throughout the fan meeting, but he definitely looked uncomfortable with the hat in general. He was spotted constantly adjusting the straps…


… and jokingly rolling his eyes at himself. He continued to smile and pose for the fans in the infant hat…


… but he shook his head as he finally got to take the hat off!


Once the videos and pictures went public, a large group of ARMYs called out the idea of making Jungkook wear hats like this. Those who found this disturbing pointed out that it is not normal to treat Jungkook like he is still a teenager when he debuted. They argued that Jungkook only put on the hat because he is too nice, but it was obviously inappropriate.


Many ARMYs saw the infant hat as being over the line and disrespectful to Jungkook, especially when Jungkook himself has been more vocal about not wanting to be called a “baby” in the recent fan meetings.

For example, when he got this hair pin that reads “BABY”, Jungkook claimed, “I’m not a baby.”


Other fans don’t see a problem with the hat and simply appreciate how Jungkook looked in it.


Regardless, all ARMYs have come to agree on one thing – and that is to have better manners at these fan meetings and show BTS members the respect that they deserve. ARMYs have concluded that while the fan meetings are for the members and fans to freely interact, the members are not there to become “dress up dolls” and that the fans should be better aware of how their actions might affect the members’ feelings.

Source: Nate Pann