BTS’s Jungkook Has Ditched His Eyebrow Piercing, And ARMYs Are Mourning The Loss

Gone but not forgotten!

When BTS member Jungkook first appeared with what seemed to be a real eyebrow piercing during promotions for “Butter”, fans went wild at the sight.

While it turned out that at first they were stick-on piercings, he later revealed during a livestream on July 29, 2021 that he had decided to get a real piercing since the stickers were becoming a hassle.

Jungkook has had his share of body modifications in the past, from tattoos to numerous other piercings, so ARMYs were delighted to see another one added to the collection!

However, earlier today on February 26, the BTS maknae posted a video on his personal Instagram account that had some fans in shock and dismay.

He lowers his mask to show his lip piercing while humming, but then he also brushes aside his bangs and gives a little gasp as he reveals that his eyebrow piercing is gone.

The removal came as a surprise to many, since a lot of BTS’s fans had become attached to the piercing and thought that it might be a permanent part of his collection.

Some fans have explained, however, that eyebrow piercings tend not to last very long, so it has people hoping that he’ll get it re-done in the future!

Still, fans have taken to social media to express their feelings about the loss of Jungkook’s beloved piercing.

Some of the reaction tweets are too funny, though 😂

Only time will tell what body modification Jungkook decides on next!