Fans Suspect BTS’s “Drummer Jungkook” May Be Making A Comeback After He’s Spotted With Drumsticks At The Airport

Fingers crossed for this comeback! 🤞

BTS‘s youngest member Jungkook was recently spotted at Incheon airport on his way to join the rest of the group in the United States, where they will meet with the president to discuss anti-Asian hate crimes and the importance of diversity and inclusivity.

Fans were excited to see the maknae on his way to reunite with the rest of BTS, but Jungkook was spotted with something else that has ARMYs even more hyped!

Upon his arrival at the airport, people quickly noticed that he seemed to be carrying what appears to be a drumstick case, and this realization began spreading like wildfire on social media!

The multi-talented “golden maknae” has amazed ARMYs with his drumming skills during performances before, most notably at last year’s Grammys during their “Dynamite” showcase.

ARMYs are hyped at the possible comeback of drummer Jungkook!

We hope that Jungkook has a safe flight, and are excited to see what else comes out of the group’s trip to the United States!