“Did I Not Talk About It?!” — BTS’s Jungkook Tells ARMYs How He Injured His Shoulder During Calvin Klein Shoot

“Stuff like that happens.”

BTS‘s Jungkook went live on Weverse on July 27, greeting ARMYs from the comfort of his room.

While ARMYs were processing his shirtless appearance, they were also processing the fact that the singer had what looked like a scar on his shoulder.

BTS’s Jungkook pointing out his injury during his July 27 Weverse livestream | Weverse
Photos uploaded on July 30 where the mark on Jungkook’s shoulder was visible | Weverse

When ARMYs asked him about it, he acknowledged the injury but told fans he would fill them in on the details later.

A little over two months later, Jungkook finally explained what happened while hosting a Stationhead streaming party for his new song “3D,” featuring American rapper Jack Harlow.

| @bts_official/Instagram

During his first of three Stationhead listening parties, Jungkook revealed that the injury occurred on the set of his Calvin Klein Fall 2023 campaign shoot.

Part of the photoshoot took place in a parking garage, with Jungkook wearing a denim jacket with and without a cropped tank top.

| Calvin Klein/YouTube
| Calvin Klein

After being asked about what happened, Jungkook hilariously remembered he hadn’t told ARMYs the story.

He explained that he was running down a parking garage for one of the campaign scenes. The surface was slippery, causing him to fall.

Did I not talk about it?! Maybe I meant to and then forgot. I got the scar from that one scene where I’m running downhill in that parking structure thing. Yeah, for the [Calvin Klein] shoot, I tried running down the structure. But the surface was slippery, so I fell.

— BTS’s Jungkook

| Calvin Klein/YouTube

Jungkook shared that his shoulders took some of the impact of his fall, and he “couldn’t move [his] fingers either.

The BTS maknae added that everything is fine now and that his shoulder has “completely healed” before assuring ARMYs that “stuff like that happens.

And my shoulders took some impact. I, like, rolled over. I couldn’t move my fingers, either. But it’s completely healed now. I’m totally fine. It’s OK! Stuff like that happens.

— BTS’s Jungkook

Jungkook showed his professionalism and completed filming for the project, not letting the injury slow him down.

Check out the completed Calvin Klein Fall 2023 campaign below:

Source: Weverse and YouTube