BTS’s Jungkook Explains Why He Suddenly Deleted His Personal Instagram Account

“I didn’t get hacked!”

BTS‘s Jungkook has kept ARMYs on their toes lately with his increased social media activity throughout February. 

While there have been many pleasant surprises, Jungkook recently shocked ARMYs when he deleted his Instagram account. Due to the sudden action, Jungkook took to Weverse to clarify the situation.

BTS’s Jungkook | @bts_twt/Twitter

From 2013 until 2021, BTS exclusively communicated with fans through joint social media accounts, but on December 6, 2021, they surprised fans by creating their own personal Instagram accounts.

Within an hour of creating their accounts, they showed their incredible star power and global influence by amassing over 2 million followers each.

(From left to right) BTS’s V, Suga, Jin, Jungkook, RM, Jimin, and J-Hope | BIGHIT MUSIC

The members have since had varying activity levels on the popular social media app, but Jungkook seemed to have a natural affinity for it early on.

From his creative first username, which contained the entire alphabet except for the letters “J” and “K”…

BTS Jungkook’s first Instagram username.

… to startling ARMYs on more than one occasion by deleting all of his posts to make his Instagram grid more aesthetically pleasing…

… to spontaneous Q&As and history-making live broadcasts, there were many unforgettable moments involving Jungkook’s personal Instagram.

Now, it is the end of an era, as BTS’s Jungkook announced his Instagram is gone, likely for good.

A screenshot of Jungkook’s now-deleted Instagram account.

Jungkook addressed his sudden decision to delete his Instagram with fans on Weverse as some wondered if the account was hacked.

| Weverse

I deleted Instagram. I didn’t get hacked! : )
I didn’t really end up using it, so I deleted it… Don’t worry!!!

— Jungkook

| Weverse

After clarifying that he was the one who deleted it, Jungkook further explained that he deleted it because he didn’t use it much while playfully teasing, “Whatcha gonna do?!” to make the announcement more light-hearted. 

Heheheheheh LOLOL I just didn’t use it much. Whatcha gonna do?!
I’ll stick to doing Weverse lives from time to time.

— Jungkook

He concluded his explanation to fans by stating it’s unlikely he will use the app again.

| Weverse

I deleted the app right away. And I don’t think I’m going to use it ever again. Just letting you all know! Heh

— Jungkook

While @Jungkook.97 is no more, the internet is forever, and ARMYs can look back on his now-deleted content any time.

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