BTS’s Jungkook Accidentally Exposes V’s TikTok Account

Do you think it’s really V’s?

Although BTS‘s Jungkook now occasionally posts dance videos on TikTok, his account was originally a secret.


dc: @KN fyp


After sharing a video of ENHYPEN dancing to his single “Seven” to Weverse, he accidentally exposed his account due to TikTok’s feature that recommends you follow the sender of the video link.

Since then, he has changed his display name and handle. Yet, since many were already following, he now interacts with ARMYs by liking and commenting on their videos.

Now, Jungkook has accidentally exposed another TikTok account, but this time, it’s one of his fellow BTS members.


Recently, Jungkook followed another account on TikTok. He follows 182 at the time of writing. This includes BTS, Weverse, BT21, Calvin Klein, fellow K-Pop artists, such as Jeon Somi, NewJeans, LE SSERAFIM, &TEAM, ENHYPEN, BOYNEXTDOOR, TXT, fromis_9, rappers Lee Young Ji and Jay Park, and various TikTokers.

The account in question is @henssnun0hv. Jungkook quickly unfollowed the new account. Yet, ARMYs were quick and checked out the user’s account.


#taehyung #jungkook #taekook #fyp

♬ original sound – x

While the handle wouldn’t automatically indicate BTS’s V, the profile picture, bio, and even the display name do. The bio is simply a saxophone emoji, which represents the instrument that V plays. The display name is actually meant to be V in Hangul.

| @henssnun0hv/TikTok

The profile picture is a closeup of a person’s face, mainly their forehead and eyelid. Still, ARMYs see a strong resemblance to V, recognizing his mole.


We are the intelligence department, hehehe#taehyung #v #taehyungtiktokaccount

♬ Love Me Again – V

Like Jungkook, the account’s likes are public and also telling. It mainly consists of BTS’s official TikTok videos, dance covers of V’s solo song “Slow Dancing,” including &TEAM’s, Jungkook’s video with SEVENTEEN‘s Mingyu, and the occasional ARMY post. These are precisely the types of videos we’d expect V to like.


V’s alleged TikTok account also follows only five accounts at this time. It includes Jungkook, TikTok Korea, Spotify Philippines, BTS, and Cartier, for which V is the ambassador.


As ARMYs believe this account is truly V’s, it already has garnered 1.3M followers at the time of writing.

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