BTS’s Jungkook Responds To A Fan Who Wanted To Eat His Cheeks

He gave them a clear answer.

BTS‘s Jungkook’s cheeks are so beloved by the members that V never misses the chance to squish them.

Since fans can be just as silly as the members, one ARMY asked to use Jungkook’s cheeks for a different purpose during his recent Weverse live broadcast.


As a tipsy Jungkook took a moment to read fans’ comments, he read one aloud. A fan said, “‘I want to eat your cheeks.‘”

After his brief confusion, Jungkook gave a clear answer to the funny question. He responded, “No…no.” There was an understandable reason why.

The task wouldn’t go as smoothly as they’d thought. Jungkook explained, “It’s not easy to eat my cheeks.

It looks like Jungkook’s beloved cheeks will continue to stay where they belong.

Source: Weverse


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