BTS Jungkook’s Fans Wrapped An Entire KTX Train In Birthday Messages — Here’s How That Looks

The celebration is going to be huge!

To celebrate BTS Jungkook‘s upcoming birthday on September 1…

BTS’s Jungkook. | Big Hit Entertainment

… one of his many fanbases from China — with the Twitter handle of @Jungkook__China — has successfully wrapped an entire KTX (Korea Train Express) train with loving messages!

This celebratory act, often known to K-Pop fans as a “birthday support“, is the first of its kind — Jungkook is the only idol to have received a 400-meter long train-wrapped birthday promotion.


The entire train, a whopping 20-wagons in its length, screams “Happy birthday Jungkook!” on behalf of his Chinese fanbase.

Jungkook at Osong Station disappeared into the sunset. Bye Jungkook, see you again!

— Twitter @_K91230V_

When the fully wrapped KTX train appeared on the platforms around Seoul, K-ARMYs stood speechless in awe. Many shared they never even realized that KTX trains can too be wrapped in promotional material!

Ooooh my goodness, look at this!!! I didn’t get to see it myself but my friend in Seoul sent this to me. It’s so frickin’ long!!! What a flex, Jungkook! Jungkook__China is amazing.

— Twitter @helloJJIM

The unprecedented birthday party train is surely reminding ARMYs that this is indeed the Golden Maknae Jungkook’s world — and everyone is thriving in it!

Wowza, LMAO. This is… This is some new level birthday celebration. LOL. It’s so long and endless!

— Twitter @ggodal

While the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has slowed Koreans from traveling around too much, ARMYs look forward to hopefully catching the Jungkook Express before October 5.

Source: THEQOO