BTS’s Jungkook Is So Popular, Even Overseas Paparazzi Are After Him Now

BTS has officially gone mainstream in the international media.

Up until recently, foreign paparazzi haven’t paid global superstars BTS much attention, but that is beginning to change.


Splash recently released several photos of Jungkook walking the streets of Berlin during BTS’s concert stop in Germany.


Judging from the photos, he appears to have been in the middle of shooting.


Splash is a multi-division, Los Angeles-based entertainment news and photography agency that captures candid celebrity photos. It is one of the world’s leading paparazzi news outlets, having announced some of the biggest celeb news, including the first images of Michael Jackson‘s firstborn child.


Splash was also credited for this image of Meghan Markle, posing outside Buckingham Palace when she was a child. It went viral after her engagement to Prince Harry was announced.


In short, this is a pretty big deal, especially considering how rarely overseas paparazzi photograph K-Pop stars.


ARMYs are losing their minds over the photos.


Many see this paparazzi attention as a sign that BTS really has entered the international media mainstream.


Is there anything the Golden Maknae can’t do?

Source: Interfootball and Biz Journals