What The Heck Is That Bright, Pink Thing On BTS Jungkook’s Fridge?

Here’s the full story behind Jungkook’s furniture choices!

Like many idols, BTS‘s Jungkook is a firm ramen lover. Whether he’s out and about, at home, or on a schedule, Jungkook is often spotted eating ramen.

This love of ramen was recently on show as eagle-eyed netizens spotted something in his house.

BTS’s Jungkook doesn’t hide his love for ramen | BTS/VLIVE

On February 28 (KST), Jungkook surprised fans with a live broadcast on Weverse.

BTS Jungkook’s live broadcast | BTS/Weverse

| BTS/Weverse 

Whether it was singing karaoke or his reaction to an unexpected visitor at his door, it’s not surprising that it was a jam-packed broadcast.

| BTS/Weverse  

Of course, considering how eagle-eyed ARMYs is, it wasn’t surprising that many noticed something on Jungkook’s fridge.

Amidst the neutral colors of his interior, fans noticed something bright and pink on the fridge.

While zooming in, ARMYs noticed that it looked like a ribbon that had been stuck on the fridge.

At first, many were confused about what it could be and wanted more details. It wasn’t long before a Korean user on Twitter came to the rescue revealing that they knew all about the ribbon, and it was all stemming from Jungkook’s previous camping live broadcast.

In a tweet, the OP shared photos of the ribbon on Jungkook’s fridge…

The ribbon posted by OP | @kugrame/Twitter

And also a row of identical ribbons with different messages on them. Each member seemed to have their own message, and Jungkook’s ribbon read, “A tasty ramyun is tasty! Thank you for recognizing it!”

The line of ribbons and ramen sent to the BTS members | @kugrame/Twitter

Alongside a photo shared by J-Hope on Instagram of his own message.

J-Hope posted his own ribbon on Instagram | @kugrame/Twitter

According to OP, the ribbons were sent to all the members by the popular food company Samyang Foods, who are known for their ramen.

The user shared their shock at seeing the ribbon, revealing that they had written the comments to send to the members as BTS always uses the brand.

Could the ribbon on Jungkook’s fridge possibly be this? Our company and HYBE worked together before, and I had sent a small gift and celebratory flowers. I wrote a comment when I saw our company’s product briefly appear on Jungkook’s camping vlog. It wasn’t much but I can’t believe he kept it (It’s the same as what Hobi posted on his Instagram story! haha.

— OP

BTS never fails to show its love for Korean ramen brands, and considering that the oldest member Jin is even the ambassador for a brand, it’s not surprising that companies are sending thanks to the members.

You can read more about the live broadcast below.

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Source: @kugrame and BTS/Weverse