BTS Jungkook’s Gesture About Han Ye Seul’s Nose Ring Sparks A Debate Among Netizens

Netizens can’t stop debating about what it meant.

BTS Jungkook‘s gesture during the 2020 Golden Disc Awards became a hot topic as netizens began to debate the meaning behind it.


The issue stemmed from when actress Han Ye Seul appeared on stage to announce the next winner. Jungkook began touching his nose multiple times as he looked towards his members.


It appeared that Jungkook was reacting towards Han Ye Seul’s bold style that night as she donned a heavy smokey look with a bright septum nose ring.

Before announcing the winner, she claimed, “The most difficult thing is to challenge something new.  I think the artists who continue to challenge new concepts are so amazing. I cheer them on in their wonderful challenges.


Some netizens claimed that Jungkook was disrespecting Han Ye Seul.

“Even if the piercing looked weird, it’s respectful to not make a gesture at a public place.”

“He needs to apologize to her.”

“Making gestures like that while fully knowing everything he does will be seen and talked about during an event like that is careless regardless of his intensions”

— Netizens


However, other netizens took to Twitter to defend Jungkook.

I mean, seriously, what do you mean he mocked her?? This is the full video and he clapped when she appeared, talked to his members about her nose ring, and continued to clap afterwards, so where’s the mockery??? Wow this is crazy…ㅠㅠㅠ

— @seot16

Han Ye Seul isn’t doing anything about it. It’s unfortunate that people who had no interest in [Han Ye Seul] would use this as an opportunity to ridicule Jungkook. They gossiped about Jungkook’s tattoo too. Just let everyone do whatever they want to do #Our_Jungkook_ILoveYou #Jungkook_WeAlways_TrustYou

— @rod_071

Even I was surprised by her nose piercing, and I made a similar gesture to a friend while talking about how beautiful she looked.. I’m sure many people did it too because it’s uniqueㅋㅋㅋ So we all need to be beaten up, why are they only attacking Jungkookㅋ Mom, I’m apparently guilty of mockery!! The important thing is that even Han Ye Seul doesn’t care about it so why are you going crazy over it #Our_Jungkook_ILoveYou

— @meikooms9


As mentioned by the netizens, Han Ye Seul has not made any comment about the current debate, and both Jungkook and she are too busy living their best lives to be bothered by such meager issues.

Source: Money Today