BTS’s Jungkook Opens Up About The Pressure Of His “Golden Maknae” Title

“Golden Maknae” is one of ARMYs’ favorite nicknames for Jungkook, but what are its downsides?

BTS‘s Jungkook has long been known as the group’s “Golden Maknae”—but does that title come with as many challenges as benefits? In a new interview with Rolling Stone, Jungkook opened up about the pressure the nickname brings.

Jungkook has several nicknames across the ARMY fandom, from “Kookie” to “Bunny,” but one of his most cherished has to be “Golden Maknae.” BTS’s maknae earned his “Golden” title because of his numerous talents. Not only is he the group’s main vocalist, he’s also the lead dancer, a sub rapper, and BTS’s center.

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Plus, he’s known for his skills in other creative pursuits too, from photography and video editing to sports and athletics. It almost seems like Jungkook can ace any pursuit he tries his hand at. However, while it must be amazing to be so talented, it also has its downsides. In their solo interview with Jungkook, Rolling Stone wanted to know about the pressure of the “Golden Maknae” nickname.

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People call you “golden” because you’re good at so many things. But as you’ve said before, that comes with a lot of pressure, doesn’t it?

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People say that I excel,” Jungkook started, “That I’m an all-rounder.” Naturally, the star couldn’t deny his impressive skills. “Of course I excel in some areas,” he admitted. However, he also added that it doesn’t necessarily help to “bask” in such gifts and talents.

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Jungkook went on to explain that to improve in any area, you need to “really practice… really try… deep-dive into it.” As such, reveling in one’s talent without doing anything to grow and develop has little benefits. As such, Jungkook says, “I really don’t want to think of myself as an all-rounder.”

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Going on to talk about the pressures of the “Golden Maknae” title itself, Jungkook revealed, “Of course I do feel pressure.” However, that pressure isn’t all bad. Instead, Jungkook tries to see the bright side and turn that strain into an opportunity. “Those pressures can also drag me to work hard,” he revealed, “And do best at what I do.”

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And, ultimately, striving to improve is Jungkook’s key goal. “I just want to keep trying and working hard,” he says. Judging by how he gets better and better on and off stage with each passing year, ARMYs can definitely agree that his hard work is paying off.

Source: Rolling Stone