BTS’s Jungkook Got Matching Tattoos With GOT7’s Yugyeom, BamBam, and Mark

Tattoos can symbolize great things and, in this case, friendship!

BTS‘s Jungkook got some new tats!

During BTS’s 8th-anniversary concert event, 2021 Muster Sowoozoo, Jungkook rocked some short-sleeve shirts, revealing a sleeve of tattoos, some that had previously gone unseen by ARMYs. After a closer look, some realized that a couple of them actually looked familiar.

BTS’s Jungkook | @fiItermyg/Twitter & VENEWLIVE

It turns out the tattoos seemed familiar because they had seen other idols get them too. Two of Jungkook’s tattoos are the same art style as those of some that GOT7‘s Yugyeom has. It is quite probable that this was intentional as the ’97 liners are friends.

| @peachcrushJK/Twitter & VENEWLIVE

Their first matching tattoo is an ox to represent them being born in the “Year of the Ox” with “97” in Roman numerals, again to symbolize their birth year. They have both had this tattoo for some time now.

Fellow ’97 liner and GOT7 member BamBam also has a similar tattoo, except it’s just the “XCVII.”

The tattoo artist has also posted two arms with the matching “Year of the Ox” tattoo on their Instagram. Many of the comments on the post have suggested they belong to Yugyeom and Jungkook. The arm in the photo looks bare compared to what Jungkook’s arm looks like now, but it could be that this is one of the first tattoos that he got on his upper arm.

  • “those arms …it’s impossible not to recognize them”
  • “so the left arm is Jungkook, and the other is Yugyeom, rightttt?? omg<3”
  • “Jk and yg 97 line”
  • “Friendship tattoos are the best”

Jungkook and Yugyeom’s second matching tattoo is that of the word “truth.”

| @Aris_art_hell/Twitter & VENEWLIVE

Yugyeom had previously gotten this tattoo, matching with another GOT7 member, Mark.

Tattoo artist Sagimi Tattoo (@coreatatoo on Instagram) had previously posted three variations of this tattoo on social media back in March. Now, fans believe these photos are possibly that of Jungkook, Yugyeom, and Mark’s tattoos.

  • “So [you’re] saying jungkook, yugyeom, and mark have the same tattoo??? What behind the meaning of the TRUTH???”
  • “Yugyeom…. I saw the bulls in back”
  • “I’m now sure that’s kookoo [Jungkook]”
| @coreatatoo/Instagram

Tattoos can hold great meaning and symbolism behind them. It looks like at least one of the meanings behind two of Jungkook’s tattoos is that of friendship!

Source: VENEWLIVE and Image (1) and (2)