Suspicious Activity Reported On BTS Jungkook’s Apple Music And Spotify

Fans find evidence of an alleged hack.

BTS fans’ excitement has turned to worry, following alleged suspicious activity on Jungkook‘s Apple Music and Spotify.

Earlier this week, Jungkook’s profile photo was updated with this photo of him and V. ARMYs believed the change could be hinting at the upcoming release of Jungkook’s mixtape, nicknamed JJK1. 

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When Suga‘s Apple Music profile photo changed last year, he released his Agust D D-2 mixtape soon after.

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Two days after Jungkook’s profile photo changed, his artist bio was updated as well. The new bio is credited to Neil Z. Yeung, who also wrote artist bios for J-Hope, Suga, and RM.

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Now, eagle-eyed fans have discovered another change, this time to the music section. Jungkook’s cover of “10,000 Hours” by Dan + Shay and Justin Bieber was uploaded to Apple Music, allegedly by an unknown party.

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In the record label information section, “Records DK” is credited, rather than Big Hit Entertainment or Jungkook. Songs that are uploaded to DistroKid without specifying a record label, which requires certain privileges, are automatically credited to Records DK.

This upload has since become unplayable for some users.

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Fans also claim Jungkook’s single “Still With You” was also recently uploaded, unofficially, to Spotify.

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To protect Jungkook’s artist rights, ARMYs are now reaching out to Big Hit Entertainment, Spotify, and Apple Music to address the situation.