BTS Jungkook’s Hair Might Not Be Blue After All — Welcome To The New “Blue Or Gold Dress” Debate 

Fans have discovered that his “blue” hair might have a secret.

BTS‘s Jungkook made headlines when he dyed his platinum blonde hair blue, but his new ‘do might not be what it seems!

In 2015, a dress went viral when people began disagreeing about its color. Some viewers saw the dress as blue and black, but others insisted it was white and gold. Now, BTS fans are having their own color discussion about Jungkook’s “blue” hair.

According to fans, Jungkook might have used the “snow” filter on his photo, which would make his hair appear blue. In reality, his hair could actually be purple: BTS’s signature color.

| @DAEGUGlRL/Twitter

Even Samsung is getting in on the action!

All will be revealed when BTS posts new photos or videos, but until then, are you Team Blue or Team Purple?