BTS Jungkook Swept His Hair Back And Gave Fans Heart Palpitations

How can one be so sexy while receiving punishment for a game?

BTS’ Jungkook has given fans heart palpitations by sweeping his hair back after being splashed with water as a punishment for a game.

On a recent episode of Run BTS, the BTS members played a game of rock-paper-scissors at a bathhouse. The punishment for the loser was to try and block himself from being splashed by a bucket of water by the winner.


In a game between Jin and Jungkook, Jungkook rapidly held up a bucket to his face to block the water from being splashed on his face, but he was still drenched with water in the end.


With his hair drenched in water from the splash, he swept it back.


While Jungkook usually has bangs covering his forehead, the scene proved that Jungkook looked just as handsome with all of his hair pulled back.


Moreover, fans couldn’t help but notice how sexy he was doing it!


Watch the full episode below:

Source: V Live