BTS’s Jungkook Debuts A Shorter Haircut During His Live Broadcast — Netizens React Differently

While many loved the hair, the term military enlistment was also brought up!

BTS‘s Jungkook always has the best style and hair, and it has been no different in the past few months. Yet, during a recent broadcast, the idol seemingly cut his hair, and here’s how netizens are reacting.

BTS’s Jungkook | @jungkook.97/Instagram

Over the past few months, Jungkook has gained attention for his hairstyle.

While many are used to a clean-cut look, the idol has wowed fans with what seems like a perm that has been getting longer and longer. At schedules, netizens loved seeing the development of the idol’s hair.

Even on live broadcasts, Jungkook showcased his beautiful locks, and ARMYs couldn’t help but fall in love with his hair.

| BTS/Weverse
| BTS/Weverse   

Well, it seems like that perm is no more.

On June 5 (KST), Jungkook surprised fans with an unexpected live broadcast.

| BTS/Weverse 

With some hilarious stories and just chatting, ARMYs couldn’t help but notice that Jungkook had seemingly cut his hair.

| BTS/Weverse

Although Jungkook was wearing a hat, it was easy to see that his hair was significantly shorter and no longer permed as had been seen in previous broadcasts and schedules.

| BTS/Weveirse
| BTS/Weverse 

After the live broadcast, netizens couldn’t get enough of the new hairstyle. The phrase “HE CUT HIS HAIR” was trending on social media, even hours after the live broadcast.

In the topic, ARMYs shared their own reactions to the new haircut.

Yet, while some had different feelings because they either were sad that the long hair had gone or happy to see short hair Jungkook, others couldn’t hide their worry.

On May 25, the idol did a broadcast. After chatting about the members of the military, Jungkook then shared his plans on how he would like to cut his hair for his inevitable enlistment.

Rather than cutting all my hair suddenly, I will gradually cut it shorter and shorter. It’s called hair-lighting (play on words from gaslighting), and I will keep cutting my hair shorter until you guys all of a sudden ask, What, when did his hair become so short? When did he buzz his hair? And so I will make it so that (my short haircut) feels natural.

— Jungkook

| BTS/Weverse 

For many fans, after seeing the idol’s haircut, it wasn’t surprising that many shared their worries that Jungkook could be easing ARMYs into the decision. While others pointed out that being so young could be a coincidence, and Jungkook could be preparing for another schedule.

Of course, there is no confirmation on why Jungkook cut his hair, and many believe speculations shouldn’t be made until he reveals it himself. While it could be done on purpose, it could just be because Jungkook wanted to cut it as the weather gets warmer.

Source: BTS/Weverse