Jungkook Reveals That He Had A Hard Time Shooting “Dynamite” Without BTS

He struggled to shoot his solo scenes.

BTS‘s members spend most of their time together, but there are times when they have to go solo.

| Melon Music/Facebook.com

In BTS’s new “Dynamite” music videos, each member shot scenes individually for solo parts. Jungkook‘s takes place in a retro bedroom set plastered with posters of music’s most legendary stars. He looks relaxed and confident while performing, but that carefree attitude didn’t come easily.

In BTS’s reaction video for the first “Dynamite” MV, Jungkook talked about what it was like to shoot “Dynamite” on his own. “I had a hard time shooting this scene,” he said. According to RM, Jungkook had to do multiple takes.

“Did you think of us when you shot this alone?” Jimin asked. “That face makes me want to ask you if you thought of us.” 

“Jungkook doesn’t do his best work when he’s alone,” Suga added, and Jungkook agreed, saying, “I freeze up when I’m put in the spotlight.” 

“You know how the cameras were static and I had to do the scene alone,” he said. “It was really tough, so the morning shoot got pushed back to the very last. I was the first one there and the last one out.”

“I was having a hard time,” he went on. “I don’t think I was feeling my best. I wasn’t feeling so hot.” 

Even so, J-Hope assured Jungkook that his scene turned out well. “But you look great here,” he said.

Shooting alone was a challenge for the Golden Maknae, especially since he wasn’t feeling well, but shooting with his members was a different story. Together, they had so much fun on set that their work looks more like play!

Watch the reaction video here: