“HE’S NAKED” — BTS Jungkook’s “SEVEN” Promotion Schedule Has The Idol Trending In A Hilarious Way


At midnight KST on July 2, BTS‘s Jungkook released a promotions schedule for his highly anticipated solo debut single, SEVEN.

The schedule includes the official release of “Still With You”/”My You” on July 3, as well as concept films, previews, and teasers leading up to the music video for “SEVEN” dropping on July 14.


Fans are hyped for all of the new content that the BTS maknae is planning to release in the coming weeks, and the promotions schedule spread far and wide on social media just from that excitement. However, there’s another reason that fans are going wild over the promotions schedule, one that isn’t too obvious until you look a little closer!

People realized that not only is Jungkook bringing focus to the beloved tattoos he has on his hand (most notably his ARMY tattoo) in the photo, but he’s actually wearing nothing under the blazer he has on, giving a glimpse of his bare chest and abs.

This realization has led to “HE’S NAKED”/”HE IS NAKED” trending on social media as more and more people notice the sensual detail of the promotion photo.

The tweets under this trending topic are both relatable and hilarious.

We have no idea whether or not this means Jungkook will be showing that much skin in the actual “SEVEN” music video, but fans are hopeful!

Make sure to keep an eye out for all of the content Jungkook will be releasing in the coming weeks leading up to his debut solo single coming out!