Jungkook’s Mature Take On BTS’s “Hiatus” Has His Members Saying, “He’s All Grown Up”  

“I just hope that you could give us your blessing…”

After nine years of trials and triumphs, BTS is embarking on a new chapter of their careers.


During BTS’s annual FESTA dinner, the members talked about their time together. They shared memories about the past and updated fans about their future plans. For years, BTS has focused on producing work as a team, but now they will be branching out to do solo work, at least for a while.


According to J-Hope, this change is something that the members need at this point in their lives.

Don’t panic! This break from group activities isn’t the end of BTS. If anything, it’s a rebirth. For Jungkook, this change is all about timing.

I realized again today that everyone has a timeline that’s right for them. ARMYs have their own motivations and time as well. The timing should have come to us earlier, but I guess we held it off. But we got to do it now…

— Jungkook

The other members couldn’t resist interrupting Jungkook’s explanation to express their fondness for him. When they met the Golden Maknae, he was a shy kid from Busan with big dreams. He grew up right before their eyes.

Jungkook shared his thoughts about BTS’s break, asking for ARMY’s understanding and blessing.

I don’t know when, but there should’ve been a time that we talked about this. And I think today’s the day. How should I put this? You were with us for almost…let’s say 10 years. You were with us for 10 years. It’s not that we want you to understand, but it’d be nice if you could understand us.

We’re each going to take some time to have fun and experience lots of things. We promise we will return someday even more mature than we are now. So I just hope that you could give us your blessing. That’s what I hope for. I’ll do my best.

— Jungkook

As Jungkook finished speaking, Jin sweetly patted his hoodie. Suga said, “Jungkook is all grown up now,” as if he still can’t believe it.

Jungkook promised ARMY that this second chapter, a new adventure, will be in everyone’s best interest.

Left to right: Jungkook, Jin, and Suga.

We’ll be a better version of us. I firmly believe in that. So, I hope you wouldn’t worry. Even better, please look forward to that day. I’ll do my best.

— Jungkook

Once again, Suga couldn’t help praising BTS’s wise and mature maknae, saying, “Jungkook’s an adult.” Yes. Yes, he is!

Watch the full FESTA dinner here.