BTS’s Jungkook Reveals Why He Writes Songs About His Life

He opened up about his music and future goals.

In a new “BE-hind Story” video, BTS interviewed each other about BE, their creative processes, future music goals, and more. When J-Hope asked Jungkook about his songs, Jungkook explained why he writes about his own life stories.

Jungkook and J-Hope

He began by comparing songwriting to drawing. Although he has many ideas, some ideas are easier to put down on the page than others.

I do have things in mind that I’d like to express, but I don’t have enough data accumulated. I have ideas, but can’t express it. Just like how you can’t draw. There are so many things inside your head, but you can’t draw it out. So there are so many things I’d like to try out and work on, but I can’t express it due to the lack of data.

— Jungkook

Writing about his own experiences comes more naturally to Jungkook than imagining fictional scenarios.

What I can do now is talk about my own stories since their my own experiences and those are easy to express.

— Jungkook

As examples, Jungkook mentioned “Still With You” and “Stay”, two songs about his personal experiences with his BTS members. “Begin”, “Euphoria”, and “My Time” were also inspired by his life with BTS.

In the future, he hopes to write songs about fictional people and situations that listeners can relate to.

From now on, although sincere songs are also important, there are so many different types of people who think differently and come from different backgrounds. I want to become an artist who creates imaginary scenarios and situations with imaginary characters to tell different stories. That’s my ultimate motive.

— Jungkook

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