BTS’s Jungkook Arrives At Incheon Airport — ARMYs Notice The Idol’s Dramatic Change In Hairstyle

Jungkook’s haircuts always bring bittersweet thoughts!

BTS Jungkook‘s departure from Incheon Airport has netizens speculating about the idol’s new hair.

BTS’s Jungkook | @jungkook.97/Instagram

Over the past year, Jungkook has impressed fans with a wide range of hairstyles…

But it seems like the idol has gone shorter than he has had in a long time.

On October 6, Jungkook arrived at Incheon Airport for an overseas schedule. As always, the idol’s smile could be seen under his mask as he greeted the media in front of the airport.

Even walking through the airport, he did a cute “3D” pose for the cameras…

And continued to greet everyone until the very last minute.

While Jungkook is always cute at the airport, there was one thing that ARMYs couldn’t help but notice, and it was that the idol seemingly had a haircut. Although Jungkook has been cutting his hair shorter, from his live broadcast on October 4…


It seemed much shorter under his hat, with many even pointing out it looked like an undercut.

Of course, while some were intrigued and couldn’t wait to see the new look, some were worried as Jungkook stated once that he wasn’t going to cut his hair completely before his enlistment, but do it slowly.

Others stayed more positive and pointed out that his “7” tattoo was much clearer for everyone to see.

While it might take some time for ARMYs to see the new haircut, Jungkook will undoubtedly look handsome AF.

Source: Newsen