BTS’s Jungkook Responds To A Marriage Proposal For Suga

The saga of ARMYs’ proposals for Suga continues!

There’s a very long line for ARMYs hoping to marry BTS‘s Suga, and they’ll do anything they can to propose even if it means going through another member!

BTS’s Suga

It’s become a tradition now that whenever BTS host a live broadcast, marriage proposals will flood the comments, and, more often than not, Suga is on the receiving end.

V is usually the one who spots the comments and relays the message. He will even do it if Suga isn’t present!

Now, V isn’t the only one receiving proposals on behalf of Suga, though. Recently, maknae Jungkook did too!

Jungkook | GQ

Earlier today, Jungkook held a casual Q&A via Instagram Stories. While he received a lot of questions from his fans, there was one for Suga…

As usual, Suga got another marriage proposal! Jungkook didn’t accept nor deny it, but he did question it!

| @jungkook.97/Instagram

Jungkook: What should I do right now

ARMY: Yoongi-yah, please marry me

Jungkook: Hello, I’m Yoongi?

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Source: @jungkook.97