BTS’s “User Jungkook” Is Back On Instagram With Stories, TMI, Technical Difficulties, And More

He’s back, and it’s chaos.

Attention, ARMY, this is not a drill! User Jungkook is back!


After over a week of inactivity on Instagram, Jungkook dropped by to post a video, share stories, and send the whole fandom into a meltdown. Within minutes, “USER JUNGKOOK,” became a trending topic, alerting stan Twitter to Jungkook’s return.

| Twitter

Jungkook posted a clip of BTS performing their song “Telepathy,” captioned with these lyrics, “Leavе your pointless worries aside for a momеnt.” He doesn’t have to ask twice! ARMYs are more than happy to drop whatever they’re doing to check out his new Instagram stories.

Jungkook kicked off his Q&A with a question box titled, “30 minutes before I go to sleep”… 

…and a cute soundbite of himself saying, “Hi,” to ARMY.

As always, fans want to know what Jungkook is up to. He was happy to share his latest TMI (Too Much Information). He said, “I’m lying on my stomach at the moment.” 

In his next story, Jungkook said, “sleep well,” to a fan who declared that they wouldn’t sleep until he responded to them.

Fans: Oppa! I’m not sleeping until you reply to me!

Jungkook: Sleep well.

— Jungkook’s Instagram story

It seems like ARMY’s outpouring of love might be too much for the app to handle. Jungkook had a little technical difficulty…

No but where’s my story, why can’t I see it

— Jungkook

…but ARMYs were happy to help. Well, sort of. Instead of offering a solution, one fan wanted to let Jungkook know how much he is loved. Jungkook read the reply out loud, flexing his English language skills.

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