Netizens Can’t Get Enough Of BTS Jungkook’s “Legendary” IRL Visuals On The Streets Of Gangnam

Everything about Jungkook is truly iconic!

When it comes to the members of BTS, it seems as if a member could literally breathe and it would send the internet into meltdown. Recently, one member who has gone viral for his dazzling visuals in real life is Jungkook.

BTS’s Jungkook | @bts_twt/Twitter

Since debuting in 2013, Jungkook has wowed ARMYs with his talent and personality. Yet, more importantly, fans have watched the group’s youngest member grow from a teenager into a man as his visuals matured.

Jungkook after debuting

Jungkook in 2022 | HYBE

Recently, some netizens were lucky enough to see BTS filming on the streets, and it got ARMYs very excited about what could be happening. Despite the members explaining that they were focusing on solo music, it seems as if there is no rest for BTS.

On July 12, BTS was on the streets of Nonhyeon-dong, Gangnam-gu in Seoul, South Korea. In images and videos posted by fans, it seemed as if the group was filming for something as they were outside the old HYBE building.

Although all of the members caught the attention of fans, it was Jungkook who truly shone with his visuals.

In unedited pictures from fans, Jungkook looked flawless, dressed in what looked like a sports jersey and holding a cute purse (which many believed was linked to a game for what they were recording).

| theqoo
| theqoo

In a wider shot of the filming, Jungkook was standing on the steps of the old BigHit Entertainment building. Netizens couldn’t get over how good the group’s youngest member looked with his tattoos on show.

| theqoo

One user on TikTok who was in the area shared how shocked she was after seeing the group filming and even shot a video of Jungkook standing on the steps.

Unsurprisingly, the comments went crazy, and one even thought Jungkook looked like he was giving a political speech.

Of course, if those pictures weren’t enough, Jin later treated ARMYs to even more shots of “That” Jungkook as the group had fun photobombing the group’s oldest member. In the photos, Jungkook looks cool, calm, and collected, showcasing his true style and personality.

BTS members having fun with Jin | @jin/Instagram
| @jin/Instagram
| @jin/Instagram

As Jungkook gets older, his look and visuals perfectly showcase how he’s matured. From his tattoos, fashion, and the way he holds himself, BTS’s youngest member has truly become a man and is enjoying himself with the rest of the group.

You can read more about BTS’s filming below.

BTS Spotted On The Streets Of Gangnam Filming For A Mysterious Project

Source: Nate Pann