BTS’s Jungkook Has Started Playing “BTS Island: In The SEOM” And Has Created His Own Island To Communicate With ARMYs

The exclusive club even features a shirtless RM!

When it comes to interacting with fans, the members of BTS cannot be faulted. Whether it’s directly replying to them on Weverse or sharing what they’re doing on Instagram and other social media platforms, the group always ensures to stay connected with fans in some way or another.

Well, it seems like youngest member Jungkook has found a new way and it involves the group’s latest game release.

BTS’s Jungkook | @bts_twt/Twitter

For a few months, BTS has been teasing their newest game BTS Island: In The SEOM. From the very moment it was revealed, BTS emphasized that they were going to be heavily involved in the creation and development of each stage.

“In The SEOM” characters | @intheseom_bts/ Instagram

Finally, on June 28, the game was released and ARMYs worldwide got to have a try at the interactive game. As expected, it was full of BTS references. It isn’t surprising that fans can’t get enough of it.

Well, it seems like Jungkook couldn’t resist the urge to have a go and share his experiences on social media. Not only was he on the application, but he was having some fun by creating his own Seom Club.

According to his video, his username is “Do I have the face of a king?” which references a line said by Lee Jung Jae in the movie The Face Reader, and his club name was “Face of a King.” The description of the club was, “Only the strong survive.”

| @jungkook.97/Instagram
| @btsinthemoment/Twitter

Continuing with the theme of royalty, Jungkook’s bio for his account read, “I am Jungkook,” but it was written in traditional Korean.

| @haruharu_w_bts/Twitter

Of course, when the name of the club was shared, everyone wanted to try and get in but it definitely had “exclusive” vibes as ARMYs shared their struggles to get accepted. Others explained that only those on high levels had managed to join.

Yet, those lucky ARMYs who managed to get in have shared screenshots of Jungkook’s island. Some of the clips show the vibes of Jungkook’s island and some of the characters interacting in the club. It definitely has Jungkook vibes to it.

| @haruharu_w_bts/Twitter 

It also seems as if the idol has been flaunting his spending habits with his in-app purchases. One user even shared that Jungkook had bought a lot of cars and ice cream trucks for his club, and it definitely can’t be cheap to do that.

| @btsinthemoment/Twitter

As it’s his club, Jungkook had a lot of control over the designs and it even went as far as the members’ looks. While all the members of BTS seemed to have similar looks, Jungkook had a special vision for leader RM… because he was shirtless!

Shirtless RM on Jungkook’s island | @haruharu_w_bts/Twitter

Yet, if it wasn’t enough to try and get into the club just to say you are part of it, Jungkook was actually communicating with fans while he was playing. While he was playing, Jungkook kept sending adorable messages to fans and it was enough to send them crazy.

  • Be healthy everyone
  • Hehehehe byeeeee!!!!
  • Enjoy the game heh
Jungkook using the chat function | @JHTtwt_/Twitter
| @JHTtwt_/Twitter

Hopefully, it won’t be long before the other members join Jungkook and have some fun with ARMYs on the game. Maybe, it might become slightly easier to join the idol’s club.

You can read more about the game below.

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Source: @jungkook.97