Polish TV Show Under Fire For Remarks About BTS’s Jungkook And J-Hope

Dzień Dobry TVN has been accused of being “disrespectful” and “racist”.

Dzień Dobry TVN, a Polish morning television show, is facing backlash from fans for their commentary on BTS‘s Jungkook and J-Hope.


On January 28, Polish ARMYs began tweeting #dziendobrytvnisoverparty to draw attention to the show’s segment about TC Candler‘s “100 Most Handsome Faces” list for 2019.


After months of open voting, Jungkook took the #1 spot on the list. Vocal liners VJimin, and Jin also made the list.


The hosts, who had never heard of Jungkook, described his appearance as “not very masculine” and being “more like a little boy than a man”. 


They speculated that Jungkook may have won first place due to an influx of Asian voters, and made remarks about his hair color.


In addition to this, a reporter from the show asked random Polish citizens for their opinions on Jungkook’s looks, to compare beauty standards. The picture the reporter showed, however, was not of Jungkook. It was of J-Hope.


One of the interviewed people compared “Jungkook” to a cow because of his earrings. Others said that they could not tell if he was male or female because of his “feminine” appearance.


Fans have called the hosts’ commentary everything from “disrespectful” to “racist”.


Some who have seen the clip are now inviting other ARMYs to formally request an apology from Dzień Dobry TVN via email.


Read the email template here:

to: ddtvn@tvn.pl

subject: Report

To whom it may concern,

I would like to bring your attention to what happened today in your program, and report some unacceptable and disrespectful behavior from both your journalists Anna Kalczyńska-Maciejowska and Andrzej Sołtysik. Today’ theme was « 100 most handsome men in the world » and the first spot was won by Jeon jungkook, vocalist and dancer of the korean boy band BTS. First of all when his name was (miss)pronounced, Anna Kalczyńska-Maciejowska made a very disrespectful comment about him saying that he did look like ‘a young little boy’ and that he ´wasn’t masculine’, this comment was followed by the two hosts making fun and laughing about his eyes and hair that they presumed was ´dyed’. But this wasn’t actually the worst.

The two hosts then decided to ask polish people about him in order to see if he does ´fit’ Polish’ beauty standards. The person who was in charge of asking the citizens, first did a mistake using another BTS members pictures, Jung Hoseok, main dancer and rapper instead of Jungkook’, then openly made fun of him when a woman he interviewed did say that the member looked like a ‘cow’ for wearing earrings before adding that ‘ Woman has to be a woman and man has to be a man and that in this case you can not say if he is a woman or a man. ‘

Such behavior is unacceptable, not only disrespectful but also very racist. We ask you to sincerely and correctly apologize for the behavior of your two irresponsible and unprofessional journalists, and we truly hope that you will take important decisions concerning their behavior.

Thank you.