BTS’s Jungkook And Jay Park Show Off Friendship In New Photos, And Jay Park Has The Sweetest Caption

He revealed what Jungkook is really like 💕

It’s actually happened—two of K-Pop’s most popular artists, BTS‘s Jungkook and Jay Park, met up and snapped pictures together!

BTS’s Jungkook | @jungkook.97/Instagram
Jay Park | @moresojuplease/Instagram

On April 19, Jay Park surprised fans by uploading two pictures with the “Butter” singer on his social media pages. In the first, he can be seen grinning as Jungkook purses his lips and flashes a peace sign.

| @moresojuplease/Instagram

In the second, they can be seen standing inside a recording studio and posing for the camera.

| @moresojuplease/Instagram

It’s already become one of Jay Park’s most liked posts to date. The cherry on top of the cake was the caption he wrote, which praised Jungkook for his growth mindset and humility despite enjoying unparalleled fame. He even complimented Jungkook on his boxing skills!

Even though he’s at the top, he has a growth mindset and and he’s humble. What a stud… Plus he’s good at boxing…
After i met Jk i can definitely can see why they get so much love. Humble, [ambitious] and talented 💯🔥🇰🇷🇰🇷

— Jay Park

He shared a similar message on his Twitter page, adding that Jungkook is a “dope” and “genuine” person.

Bro is super humble, ambitious and talented. Can definitely see why they get so much love 🔥🔥🇰🇷 JK is a dope genuine person.

— Jay Park

Jungkook shared the first picture on his Instagram Stories and tagged Jay Park’s handle, @moresojuplease.

| @jungkook.97/Instagram

Fans who viewed the post expressed shock at the interaction. Some joked that they were “seeing things,” while others showered the two with compliments and love.

| @moresojuplease/Instagram

Is a collaboration on the way? One thing’s for sure, a song featuring these two talented artists would be dream!

Source: Twitter and Instagram