BTS’s Jimin And Jungkook Both Did A Live Broadcast Within Hours Of Each Other — But They Couldn’t Have Been More Different

It’s been less than 24 hours filled with so much chaos!

BTS‘s Jimin and Jungkook are two of the group’s youngest members, along with V, and have always gained attention for their close friendship and chaotic relationship.

Recently, both Jimin and Jungkook showcased their personalities during a live broadcast.

BTS’s Jimin (left) and Jungkook (right) | @bts_twt/Twitter

| @bts_twt/Twitter 

Yet, the two showcased just how different their personalities in a matter of hours.

On February 3 (KST), Jimin surprised fans when he started a Weverse live broadcast. As expected, the idol looked handsome AF during the video done from the comfort of HYBE.

| BTS/Weverse 

During the broadcast, he started chatting to ARMYs and updating them on everything he’s been doing from the comfort of HYBE. He even shared the progress of his album, adding that despite being busy, he still had time to support Suga and watch his Suchwita show.

| BTS/Weverse

| BTS/Weverse

Even after his crazy four-hour broadcast the day before (and on the same day, depending on the time zone), Jungkook also did a live broadcast on Weverse at the end of February 3 (KST).

From the minute he turned on the broadcast and revealed that he wanted to do a chicken mukbang, it was already destined to be very different from Jimin’s own video.

| BTS/Weverse 

After going to collect the chicken, Jungkook sat in front of his sofa and started watching the hit K-show Physical 100. Although he did take time out to chat with ARMYs and read comments (including those from Jimin)…

| BTS/Weverse

| BTS/Weverse 

The broadcast almost felt as if ARMYs were spending time with their bestie just eating chicken and watching shows, with the addition of Bam. It was just ARMYs watching Jungkook eating chicken and reacting to the iconic Physical 100 show… and playing with Bam!

| BTS/Weverse

| BTS/Weverse 

After the broadcasts finished, ARMYs couldn’t get over just how different the two broadcasts were.

Although both Jimin and Jungkook’s broadcasts couldn’t be more different, they were both special as they took time out of their schedules to chat with ARMYs.

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