BTS’s Jungkook Reunites With Jo Se Ho On “You Quiz On The Block”, Here’s What Happened Before The Show

It’s been five years since they last met on a show.

Five years ago, BTS‘s Jungkook and host Jo Se Ho appeared together on the variety show Flower Crew. They recently reunited on another variety show, You Quiz On The Block. 

Jungkook | @Jk_mytimeee/Twitter

When tvN first announced BTS’s 100-minute special, the news brought back unpleasant memories for some ARMYs. On Flower Crew, Jungkook personally brought burgers for the cast to enjoy, but Jo Se Ho refused to eat them, and his castmates followed suit.

During viewer voting, which determined which castmate would be receiving benefits, ARMYs flooded the programs’ polls to vote for Jungkook. According to fans, Jungkook’s castmates reacted negatively to his popularity, to the point where he allegedly felt pressured to ask ARMY to stop voting for him.

Jungkook (center) and Jo Se Ho (bottom left) with Flower Crew cast in 2016.

Although some fans were worried about Jungkook meeting Jo Se Ho again, the BTS member and host were happy to see each other on You Quiz On The Block. When host Yoo Jae Suk said, “I last saw Jungkook five years ago, and it’s totally different from the last time I saw him,‬” Jo Se Ho added, “I think he’s become even cooler!‬”

“If you look at it in a good way I’ve become cooler,” Jungkook replied playfully. “but if you look at it in a bad way, I’ve gotten older.‬”

Jo Se Ho said, “I have never expressed it in that way,” and the two hugged, laughing.

Jungkook also revealed that he got in touch with Jo Se Ho before the show. “I contacted him [Jo Se Ho] before filming for You Quiz,” he said. Now, fans are praising Jungkook for being the kind, humble person they all know and love!

Watch the clip here: