BTS’s Jungkook Just Showed Off His Arm Tattoos, And ARMYs Aren’t Okay

Is it too much to ask for Jungkook in a tank top?

Fans of BTS have long been begging for better glimpses of Jungkook‘s many tattoos. There are reasons that he hasn’t shown them off as much as a non-K-Pop idol might, and they’re often covered up by long sleeves, patches, or even photo editing.

Over the last year or so, every so often, fans get glimpses of the elusive tattoos, although at this point, it’s unknown how many the maknae even has.

Just yesterday, however, fans got an even better look at not just the tattoos on Jungkook’s hands and wrist, but up his forearm as well!

The sneak peek came from BTS’s preview of their Japan Official Fanmeeting Vol.5. In footage from 2019, Jungkook can be seen in a black short-sleeved shirt in their practice room while the group prepares for their Japanese shows. His tattoos, while not close-up and focused, are clearly shown.

| @taebokkiii/Twitter
| @taebokkiii/Twitter

Fans, understandably, are elated to get yet another look at Jungkook’s much-loved tats.

ARMYs are hopeful that this means even more clips of the maknae and his tattoos will be seen in the full Japan Official Fanmeeting Vol.5! Maybe someday, we’ll be able to enjoy seeing all of them without need for censoring or editing out.