K-Pop Fans Believe That A Certain Webtoon Character Is Heavily Inspired By BTS’s Jungkook

Do you see the resemblance?

The webtoon My Reason To Die was originally released in Korea on Naver on December 6, 2021, and first translated into English on May 2, 2022. Romantic webtoons have become fairly popular in recent times, and My Reason To Die has quickly built up a loyal fanbase with over 1.9 million followers currently.

Image from My Reason To Die

The synopsis for the webtoon is as follows:

Ji-o’s luck runs out when she gets injured before the tryouts for the national taekwondo team. In the middle of facing what seems to be the biggest crisis of her life, she meets Gyeol, a mysterious boy who changes her life forever. He’s the definition of a bad boy with a good heart, and she finds herself unable to resist his charms. However, she might be playing with fire as he’s someone who’s involved with the wrong crowd. Is falling for Gyeol worth the risk?

Image from My Reason To Die

While the comic certainly has an interesting premise and beautiful art style, it seems like there might be another reason why My Reason To Die has built up such a steady following so quickly!

Image from My Reason To Die

BTS fans that are readers of the webtoon are convinced that the lead male character, Gyeol, is based off of Jungkook.

It seems that, not only does Gyeol physically resemble the maknae of BTS, but his mannerisms in the comic are apparently similar to Jungkook’s as well.

The author of My Reason To Die, YUJU, hasn’t made any comment on whether or not Gyeol is based off of Jungkook, but until she does, fans are likely to accept the similarities between the character and idol as intentional!


The webtoon updates every Tuesday, so if you want to support a talented comic artist, definitely check it out!