BTS’s Jungkook Caught Limping Amid Airport Mobbing, Netizens Worry About His Physical Condition

He has a packed schedule ahead of his enlistment.

Recent videos of BTS‘s Jungkook at the airport have netizens concerned for his health.

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On November 28, BTS’s Jungkook and Jimin returned to Korea from Japan, following their departure earlier this week. The pair initially attracted attention during their departure, showing their loving friendship as fans wondered why they would be going to Japan.

BTS Jungkook And Jimin’s Loving Friendship Attracts Attention At Gimpo Airport

After surprising many by not appearing in person at the MAMA Awards, Jungkook and Jimin were seen arriving at Incheon Airport and were greeted by fans and the media.

Initially, it seemed like the pair’s entrance to Korea would go smoothly, as several security guards surrounded them.

Unfortunately, as fans rushed to the idols, the situation became more chaotic. Closer to the exit, Jungkook suddenly looks around and does an odd skip walk for a few steps as he continues moving forward.

Some believed he had been pushed as the reason for his apparent misstep, but alternative angles show no contact was made between Jungkook and fans.

Another clip that is currently circulating colored the moment in a different light, however, revealing a potential cause for concern.

During the departure from the airport in Japan, Jungkook was captured waving toward fans as he and Jimin made their way through the airport.  When he turns back around, there is a noticeable stiffness in how he walks, with Jungkook appearing to favor one leg over the other.

Allegedly, this leg pain is not a new development. According to a fan who attended Jungkook’s prerecording session for MCountdown earlier this month, the artist mentioned that his knee hurt, meaning he has possibly been promoting all this time while in pain.

This clip, combined with the one from their Korean arrival, has some netizens concerned for his health and hopeful he can get some rest.

Jungkook is set to enlist next month, which you can read more about below.

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