BTS Can Let Things Slide For Jungkook Because He’s The Maknae

The perks of being the maknae!

In episode 129 of Run BTS!, the members started their long-term project of learning how to play tennis. After receiving basic training from national team tennis players, they tried to play a few games by splitting into two teams.

As they started to play, the members would make a few mistakes in serving or hitting the ball. They began to notice that they let all of Jungkook’s mistakes slide while giving penalty to the others.

Jungkook: (serve miss) Okay my mistake!
Jimin: Why is everything they do a mistake and everything we do a minus!
Suga: Do you know why? Because Jungkook is cute.
Jin: If you’re mad then you should have been born the maknae!
J-Hope: Then we let it slide.
RM: Ok I admit that he is cute.

But not long after, Jungkook makes another mistake, making it hard for Suga and Jin to let it slide this time!

Jungkook: (misses another serve)
Jin: Yahahhahaahah!
Suga: Hey, do you think being cute is everything??

Even though they joke around like that, we all know that they all love and adore Jungkook.

Jungkook: (misses the ball)
J-Hope: Jungkook-ah! We didn’t see anything!
Jin: We didn’t see it, we didn’t see it.

And knowing Jungkook’s personality, the other members know that he will probably master tennis by the next time they meet!

V: Jungkook will probably do nothing but tennis from now on.
Jungkook: You guys might be shocked the next time we meet.
Jin: Next time he comes we could be like, ‘Jungkook! You didn’t do anything?’
RM: No, Jungkook is either zero or a hundred so he will either do nothing at all or only do this and become a master at it. It’s going to be either one.
J-Hope: He is a scary kid.
Jin: I will be looking forward to you, Jungkook~

But honestly, we would let it slide for Jungkook too because he’s the golden maknae after all!

Source: theqoo


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