BTS Jungkook’s MBTI Personality Type Has Officially Changed

Here’s what his new MBTI type says about him!

BTS‘s Jungkook recently retook the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) test to figure out which of the 16 personality types fits him best. According to his results, his personality type has changed!

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Jungkook first revealed his MBTI type back in 2017 during BTS Festa, the group’s debut anniversary celebrations. Back then, he was an INFP.

INFP is also known as the Mediator personality type. This personality type is quiet but super creative and imaginative. Mediators are idealistic and empathetic, and they love helping others.

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Although Jungkook is very creative and goes out of his way to help others, his personality type changed last year before changing again this year. In October 2020, he posted on Weverse to show fans that his MBTI had changed from INFP to ISFP.

Like INFPs, ISFPs are introverted, feeling, and prospecting. The biggest change here is that ISFPs use their senses and observational skills to navigate the world instead of their intuition like INFPs do.

ISFP is also known as the Adventurer personality type. The Adventurer is known as a true artist, and people with this personality type often push the limits of social convention through their creative endeavors. They are spontaneous and love pushing themselves to take risks, even though they are introverted. Jungkook is definitely both creative and adventurous, so the ISFP personality type also suited him well. He was even included in the list of “Adventurers You May Know” on the website 16Personalities!

Although the ISFP personality type suited him well, Jungkook recently revealed that his MBTI type has changed yet again! He posted his new results to his personal Instagram page in a now-deleted Instagram post. He later posted the results to his Instagram story, too.

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Jungkook’s official new MBTI type is INTP, which is also known as the Logician.

Jungkook’s new results show that he’s still introverted and prospecting, but he relies on his intuition and his thinking skills to guide him. INTPs often seek out unlikely paths, and they mix experimentation with creativity to come up with something new. Sounds perfect for BTS’s super creative, talented golden maknae!


Jungkook once put both his experimentation skills and creativity to the test by composing a song that incorporated ARMYs’ ideas during a live stream. Of course, his creative experiment was a success and led to a great song!


Logicians often lose themselves in thought, and they may seem to space out often to those who don’t know them. However, Logicians are always thinking, and their minds are filled with great insights and ideas. Sometimes, they even debate with themselves in their heads. ARMYs have noticed that Jungkook seems to zone out on many occasions, but he’s probably just busy coming up with his next great idea!

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Because they’re introverted, Logicians may come off as shy or reserved to other people. However, when they’re around people they know and love, they can be just as outgoing as the most extroverted people. This totally fits Jungkook, and we’ve seen him let his playful, outgoing side out with BTS on many occasions.

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Logicians are naturally curious and are super open to new ideas and experiences. They want to know as much as possible, and they like trying new hobbies out. When something piques their interest, they go all in and devote themselves to their new hobby. This totally fits Jungkook, who is literally good at everything! Whether he’s capturing Golden Closet Film (GCF) videos, singing, dancing, playing sports, painting, drawing, songwriting, producing, or anything in between, he always does his best and devotes himself to the task at hand.

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Although Jungkook’s new MBTI type of INTP totally fits him, he apparently still resonates with the ISFP type. He captioned his MBTI Instagram post with “half and half,” which means he feels like he’s half INTP and half ISFP. Together, these two halves combine to make one awesome Jungkook!

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