BTS’s Jungkook In Mesh Is The Sexy Style You Didn’t Know You Needed

Jungkook gave everyone something better than an abs reveal.

Through their online concert MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E, BTS gifted fans with stages that had them going wild. One of the moments that took the spotlight was Jungkook‘s sexy styling that had ARMYs taking a second and third look.

Before the boys took the stage for “Black Swan”, Jungkook already had fans losing their minds from the VCR that introduced the performance. Emerging from the dark, he reached a whole new level of sexy with his turtleneck shirt made out of pure mesh.

With a full glimpse of his hand tattoos paired with the elegant cream blazer, Jungkook had all eyes on him before the stage even started. As if that wasn’t enough to leave fans shook, his mesh shirt for the actual performance did the trick.

| theqoo

Instead of the plain mesh from the VCR, Jungkook appeared with a flower-like pattern that was tastefully revealing yet still left something to the imagination.

With the smooth way Jungkook executed the choreography, the see-through shirt didn’t give fans any time to breathe from the sexy attack.

Who needs to see Jungkook’s abs when he makes a mesh shirt look this good?

| @googiefolder/Twitter

See a glimpse of Jungkook’s “Black Swan” performance and mesh shirt that had everyone feeling a smidge thirsty.

Source: theqoo


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