Jungkook’s Milk Is The Funniest BTS Meme You’ll See Today

Would you like some milk to go with your Kookie?

When BTS released their “Dynamite” music video, ARMY half-expected a worldwide milk shortage, thanks to their “Sold Out King” Jungkook. Milk isn’t in short supply (yet), but it is a trending topic.

On September 3, Jungkook tweeted this photo of himself holding a glass of milk with “Dynamite” lyrics in the caption. This is the meme material that fans have been waiting for!

Here’s a glass of milk to cool down the “Hot 100″…

…while you’re chilling at the beach…

| @jeonkooookies/Twitter.com

…with your BFFs.

| @jeonkooookies/Twitter.com

This milk is extra sweet.

(Emphasis on “extra”!)

| @dailyjoonie/Twitter.com

From farms to Wal-Mart, you can drink it anywhere…

| @vmoning/Twitter.com
| @vmoning/Twitter.com

…and it goes great with a “Kookie”.

| @dreamjeons/Twitter.com

Milk makes your bones strong, so who knows? If you drink it daily and twerk — I mean, work — hard…

| @dailyjoonie/Twitter.com

…you might be as strong as Jungkook someday!