(★BREAKING) BTS’s Jungkook Suffers Minor Injury, Will Perform Seated At London Concert

BigHit explained the injury and future plans.

BigHit Entertainment announced that BTS‘s Jungkook sustained a minor injury while preparing for their recent concert. As a result, he will be performing while seated and abstain from any choreography.

BigHit revealed that while Jungkook was lightly stretching in the waiting room after their rehearsal and sound check, he collided his heel to a furniture, which caused a big rip.

“About 2 hours ago, Jungkook finished his rehearsal and sound check and was lightly stretching in the waiting room when he collided his heel with a furniture and suffered a large rip injury.”

— BigHit Entertainment

Medical staff immediately treated his injury, where they assessed that it wasn’t a major injury but they recommend that he take a rest from performing their choreographies as it may cause further damage.

Jungkook will be performing on stage with the rest of the members but he will be seated while the other members continue on with their choreography.

BigHit Entertainment asked for the fans’ understanding as they apologized to the fans who’ve waited so long for their concert.