BTS’s Jungkook Sends The Internet Into Meltdown By Showcasing A New Hairstyle

The “Mullet” agenda is back on!

A day doesn’t go by without BTS sending the internet into meltdown somehow and basically taking over social media platforms worldwide. Recently, the youngest member Jungkook has done that after the release of the newest Coway ad.

BTS’s Jungkook | @bts_twt/Twitter

Since the members of BTS became global brand ambassadors for the brand, ARMY has been treated to a lot of wholesome content, whether it’s commercials, photos, and behind the scenes clips.

The members of BTS for Coway | Coway

In all of them, Jungkook has showcased his diverse visuals and charisma, catching the attention of fans worldwide.

Well, it seems like that happened again, but it was even more intense when a new COWAY teaser was posted on May 16 (KST). Although the caption seemed intriguing, something else immediately caught the attention of netizens… and it was Jungkook’s hair!

As soon as the trailer started playing, ARMY went into meltdown as they saw the return of Jungkook’s mullet when he sat next to Jin.

| @Coway_Global/Twitter 

Even as the camera started panning out and the rest of the members joined Jin and Jungkook, there was no denying that the mullet was on full show (and netizens even joked that V was as obsessed with the hair as he seemingly looked at it as he entered the shot.)

| @Coway_Global/Twitter

Even in one of the new concept photos, all the members looked amazing but ARMY couldn’t stop gushing over Jungkook’s mullet.

Of course, after the new media was shared, netizens couldn’t stop talking about “THE MULLET.” It became such a hot topic that phrases related to the idol, including “JUNGKOOK,” “JUNGKOOKS,” and “MULLET JK” started trending worldwide.

In the tweets, ARMY couldn’t get over the idol’s newest hairstyle, with many joking that there was no way they could concentrate on the brand when they saw the return of the mullet.

It isn’t the first time Jungkook has sent the internet into meltdown with his long hair, whether it was a mullet, undercut, or just luscious long locks.

While many assume it is just extensions as there hasn’t been any more content or media released that shows Jungkook with the mullet, ARMY will happily see it again in the future because there is no denying it looks hot AF!

Source: @Coway_Global