BTS’s Jungkook Dropped A Selfie, Now ARMY.exe Has Stopped Working 

Here are 15 of stan Twitter’s best reactions to Jungkook’s surprise photo.

How long has it been since BTS‘s Jungkook posted a selfie for ARMY?

Okay, it hasn’t been quite that long, but it feels like it! On April 6, Jungkook dropped by Weverse to post this photo of himself chilling in a car. (What car? Tell me. I’ll take out a loan to buy it.). As expected, ARMY is now collectively losing it over Jungkook (again). Here’s proof!

1. Get out the way, Mona

2. Have a drink

3. Enough to shut you up for an eternity

4. V = ARMY

5. With Jungkook, every year is sexy

6. On this day in history…

7. All signs point to yes?

8. “R.I.P” now stands for “Rest In Please-I-Can’t-Handle-This”

9. #WorldDominationIsComing

10. But what does the “J” stand for?

11. “Poof wait again, b*tches”

12. The “s” in “selfie” stands for “study”?

13. One is never enough

14. Right in the feels

15. Tell me more