BTS’s Jungkook Posts Birthday Message And Thanks Fans For Their Never-Ending Support

Hope you had a great birthday Jungkook!

On September 1, BTS and ARMY celebrated not only their first No.1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, but also the birthday of the golden maknae Jungkook!

| @bts_bighit/Twitter

Everyone congratulated Jungkook as he received one of the best presents of taking the No.1 spot on the chart! To celebrate, fans from all over the world held special events from wrapping an entire KTX train with birthday messages to turning on purple lights at in both Seoul and Busan. The members also held a live stream to celebrate both events with their fans online. Jungkook also let fans know that he would post a message online to thank everyone for wishing him a happy birthday.

Fans waited patiently for something to pop up on their screens, and a few hours after his birthday passed, a post came up on Weverse.

Aigoo…I was waiting to write a message and post it before it became midnight but I ended up falling asleep…Although my birthday has officially passed, I was truly touched by all the events and support that people held in celebration of my birthday. And on top of that No.1 on Billboard…this can’t be possible…I am so happy and I am glad that I was born. I am grateful to my parents and am thankful for everything.

⁠— Jungkook

He made sure that ARMYs knew that they were nothing without them and that this win was for the both of them.

Although we reached the No.1 spot in our name, always remember that BTS=ARMY so you all have to know that you are the ones that have made it to No.1 on the chart, ok? I am embarrassed that I wasn’t able to get the timing right to post this message…I wonder what I was doing in my past life for me to receive all these amazing events..aigoo…

⁠— Jungkook

He thanked fans once again and wished everyone would have only happy moments!

Thanks again to everyone I was able to have a happy birthday. I’m getting ahead of myself because the time is late. I really love you all ARMY. I hope that our ARMYs are filled with happy moments too!

⁠— Jungkook

Seems like Jungkook was a sleepy baby after crying all night after hearing about their No.1 on the charts. Fans know just how much Jungkook loves ARMY and ARMY will always protect and stay by his side for years to come.